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We are SO excited to share our first boudoir shoot in our new studio… ENJOY!

Wow, talk about inspiring! This momma worked her shoot and was absolutely incredible. She brought this AMAZING blue rope to the loft and though it was tough to manage at first, it was totally worth it! There are plenty of beautiful photos from her shoot and thanks to this momma she’s allowed us to share some of the more “anonymous” ones. Thanks for a great shoot and allowing us to share a few :)

Ms. J was FAN-tastic. She had this whole otherworldly, dewey innocent look to her one minute and the next she as vamping it up Mad Men style (how amazing is that green ensemble with her stunning red hair??) – also she is BFFs with one of our clients from a few years ago – it is always so lovely to have those referrals and we always know what a blast it will be to meet our lovely clients’ friends. Thanks Ms. J for a wonderful shoot – you were a total inspiration and we adored you! xoxo

We photographed the fabulous Ms K with her sister and had a blast documenting these beauties. Ms. K was a fabulous poser and was totally inspiring… we especially LOVED her booty! Ms. K totally worked her shoot and we are thrilled she let us share some photos from it, thanks Ms. K :)

Love love love this girl! This is her second time working with us in about a year – the first time she did a luxury full shoot and the second, and most recent, time she participated in our super-fun Valentine’s Day Boudoir Marathon. And she continues to be such a muse – and SO fun to work with. And her hubby is obviously totally benefiting from her blossoming Boudoir Rouge Photography addiction…xoxo

Ms. M wooooorked it – we had a lot of fun that day, from her golden retriever jumping in the pool and then running through our lighting set up, to laughing and learning poses and wrangling capturing her with her hot ride (and anniversary present from hubby!) while dodging the dumptrucks coming down the alley – she was a great subject and so lovely! Doesn’t she just have that mystery noir girl down? I can totally picture her storming into Dick Tracey’s office or smoldering in Chinatown! Love it. Wanted to share just a fraction of the amazing photos from her shoot – they made for a great Boudoir Rouge Glamour album! Xoxo

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