Boudoir Gents

Mr. J is on fire! {Los Angeles Sexy Photography for Men}

We have been MIA on the blogging scene and I must apologize! We have been nutzo crazy busy redesigning the site and launching Boudoir Rouge's male offshoot, Boudoir Gents. So cool! We are so excited to offer male boudoir photography... or dudoir if you will (and some will). However, more and more we are starting to think of Boudoir Rouge not just as "boudoir photography" but just simply "sexy photography" that is beautiful, clothes or no clothes. We have always offered "Male Boudoir" but most people didn't quite understand. We like to think that it is just about straight up taking gorgeous photos of PEOPLE. Without gender. Perfect whether you want the images as a gift, for yourself, for promotional purposes or for furthering your career!

So that is what is up with the Boudoir Rouge crew - check out Mr. J who we worked with a few weeks ago - we absolutely adored him and had such a fun time while he worked it, he kept us on our toes and laughing the whole way. Thanks for a rad shoot! Many more to come, stay tuned... - m