˚ Boudoir Rouge Photography 2018 I Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

˚ Boudoir Rouge Photography 2018 I Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer


 We love fantasy, heart, soul, drama and dreamy, sun-kissed filtered light in our photography. We want our images to look like stills from a film starring you: natural, sensual, emotional and startlingly beautiful. And also brimming with your personality. Your own personal brand of sexy.

     Sexy is you. You, the client and model, are sexy and we want you to feel it (and feel COMFORTABLE too!). And we want you to own it, understand your own power. Beauty isn't just one thing - not to us. It doesn't fit any description. It is so many things and is open to creative and artistic interpretation. It most certainly isn't any one body-type, gender, age or size: everyone can feel beautiful - IS beautiful - through our lens. We promise, we will take good care of you!

     At Boudoir Rouge we are two silly chicks, not a slew of anonymous "photographers". We are Monica & Briana, ladies who just happen to rock their cameras and know their skill. Our team consists of just two of us and a hand-picked cache of super-talented makeup/hair artists who work in the photography and entertainment biz. We run a tight ship and have a blast. We laugh a lot and want you to join in. There is nothing more beautiful than a sense of humor.

     We obviously love photography and it is a powerful tool to capture your natural and luminous self. We would love to meet you and help to make you feel comfortable and empowered. We'll talk to you on the phone for as long as you want until you are at ease with the process, excited and thrilled for your shoot. This isn't just "a gift for your partner"... this is a gift for YOU! You don't have to be in a relationship to do these sorts of images either. While it's and AWESOME gift, of course, it doesn't have to be about that. We want to explore this new modern individual's unique version of sexy and capture it in memories that you can have for yourself or share with your beloved forever.


Monica & Briana