At Boudoir Rouge Photography we are two warm and welcoming women, not a slew of anonymous "boudoir photographers". We are Monica & Briana, Los Angeles ladies who just happen to rock their cameras and know their skill. Our team consists of just two of us and a hand-picked cache of skilled makeup/hair artists who work in the photography and entertainment business. We laugh a lot and want you to join in, there is nothing more beautiful than a sense of humor.

We believe the boudoir photography experience is perfect for ALL PEOPLE: regardless of shape, size, age, female, male,  lgbtq, straight, married, unmarried… none of that matters. Our vision of beauty is inclusive - your differences make you sparkle - and we believe everyone should take the opportunity to have their magic captured. While we agree a boudoir photography session makes the perfect gift for special someone, we also believe this gift is for YOU.

Our boudoir photography sessions can take place at our gorgeous boudoir studio in Pasadena or at a location of your choosing. We serve mainly the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County and Ventura County areas. This experience is an investment, one that you will likely only ever do once but our pricing is reasonable and flexible for your budget. Our photography sessions start at $250 for one person and we have special rates for couples boudoir or group rates for bachelorette, bridal and boudoir parties. Please inquire for full boudoir photography pricing, or give us a call - we would love to chat. Nothing better than talking to a real person to ease your mind and get you excited about the process!


We can't wait to hear from you. xoxo