Music for the Boudoir... Post #2

So... a million years ago I was like - I'm going to post "Music for the Boudoir (Rouge)" all the time! Because if there is anything I love as much as boudoir... well, its really amazing music. Plus, great music at a shoot really gets you in the mood to pose up a storm (or shoot up a storm in my case!). So... I'm back at it. I swear. Okay, if you know me at all you know I get on major music jags and I can't stop listening to my current fave. And that current fave is the deliciously poppy La Roux. Absolutely endlessly brilliant songs, amazing to belt out in the car and totally perfect for feeling sexy at a Boudoir Rouge shoot. Every song is amazing. Every one! I love you La Roux! Maybe I can get Elly Jackson to pose for me? I want to capture that hair in silhouette... Enjoy the majorly cinematic and innovative video for "I'm Not Your Toy." xoxoxo -m