Boudoir Sessions

Ms. K {Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer}

{Single Look Studio Boudoir Session}

This is a great example of the amazing experience you can have even if you are only booking one look with us!


Are you interested in doing your own Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Shoot with us? Please don't hesitate to call or email, we would love to chat and get you comfortable and excited about it! Email us at: or call us at: 310.929.7732

Mrs. B {Pasadena Boudoir Photography}

Ms. B had a beautiful retro vision for her boudoir session with us in our studio and we loved collaborating with her on it. In Los Angeles, Orange County or Pasadena want to be an old Hollywood movie star for a day? Call us our studio, we've got you covered. 310.929.7732 or email

Ms.T Rocking a Boudoir Studio Session

Glamorous Ms. T is a repeat client - not only have we done a super-sultry on-location boudoir session for her in a fabulous penthouse downtown but she has also utilized the fresh, soft space of our studio. Every time, she did a stunning job!