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Interested in finding out more about the best modern, sexy, glamorous, fun, fabulous boudoir photography or bridal boudoir in Los Angeles or Orange County? I mean... you gotta!

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Ms. E {Los Angeles Boudoir Studio, Glamour Maternity Photo Studio Los Angeles}

Los Angeles Pregnancy Photography

Los Angeles Pregnancy Photography

Los Angeles Pregnancy Photography

Los Angeles Pregnancy Photography

Interested in doing a Los Angeles Maternity Boudoir Photography Shoot? We can do it in our beautiful studio or, like this client, in the comfort of your own home! Email us at info@boudoirrougephoto.com or call us at 310.929.7732 we would love to chat and get you comfortable and excited!

Fabulous, Spinning, Twirling Ms. Y

Ms. Y was SO stellar. I mean, whoa. When she called and told us she wanted to do some of her images in her "pole room" we had no idea that she was a total master of pole dancing - like MASTER. It was so cool. We started out with the sweet, slightly more demure (but okay - oh, so sultry) looks and gravitated towards the super-sexy vixen looks at the end and finished with the pole-dancing stuff and I was so totally in awe - I mean the woman is a total athlete. I lit her (which is SO fun, especially with all the movement and sparkle) and then snapped away. We had a total blast - she was such a fun client - it was fantastic to create an album and products from this super-rad session. She even sent me a gift certificate to the amazing pole-dancing class she learned all her sexy moves from!!! The sweetest. Thanks Ms. Y - you are an inspiration!

Ms. Anonymous Bride-To-Be {Bridal Boudoir Photography Los Angeles}