Los Angeles Boudoir

Mrs. B {Pasadena Boudoir Photography}

Ms. B had a beautiful retro vision for her boudoir session with us in our studio and we loved collaborating with her on it. In Los Angeles, Orange County or Pasadena want to be an old Hollywood movie star for a day? Call us our studio, we've got you covered. 310.929.7732 or email info@boudoirrougephoto.com

Los Angeles Boudoir Marathon



Interested in doing a Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Shoot? Email us at info@boudoirrougephoto.com or call us at 310.929.7732

Ms. N the Ultimate Vixen! {Southern California Boudoir Photography}

Saucy Ms. N was SO rad. She was just rad and SO GORGEOUS, every shot was breathtaking! That's all there was to it - from the second we started planning the session on the tele she was an absolute blast - we are just so fortunate to have the most delightful clients in the world! When we arrived we set up the music and got rockin' from the moment we walked in the door and it was a total playful session - even grabbing some shots with her hysterical rescue dog Kipsy (who was almost as much of a little pin-up as Ms. N!). This session, like all of our shoots, was a tribute to how much you can get out of it - we did a bunch of outfits and really worked Ms. N's pad for all it was worth, capturing her in her environment at this unique stage in her life. We love you Ms. N - thanks for a fantastic shoot, you are a super star, you rocked your shoot - can't wait to get your album!!!!!! xoxo