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Fantastic Ms. E! {Los Angeles Boudoir and Retro Photography}

Um...hello Ms. E! She came into our boudoir world like a firecracker: a creative herself, with so many amazing ideas and she was simply SO much fun to work with, we laughed the whole time... and well, lets just say the girl has QUITE the drool-inducing Louboutin collection, so clearly that was one of the primary accents to the session - well okay, that and her absolutely glorious beauty! Ms. E worked it like you wouldn't believe, so much so it was nearly impossible to pick just a limited selection to brag (I mean blog) about, and we had to wait a little bit to blog because she had to surprise her hubby with the pics - and boy was he thrilled :) LOVE it. Needless to say, it was a fantastic collaboration, and we loved it so much we hope to do another session together in the future. Much adoration Ms. E, you are a total muse xoxo