Ms. "G" is for GORGEOUS! {Los Angeles Pin-Up & Glamour Photography}

Beautiful Ms. G and I had an absolutely fabulous time doing this shoot - she rented the luscious styled apartment we offer as an add-on for sessions (for clients who don't want to use their home or a hotel - its the perfect option) and she was so enthusiastic and giddy, it was just plain contagious. I'm a notorious giggler and sarcastic humor-monger and we laughed and posed and laughed some more. Lovely lady really worked what her mama gave her! She was a blast to hang out with and she came super-duper-uber prepared (I instruct all potential clients to spend some quality time Vogue-ing in the mirror so they are excited and prepared for their session - it may sounds silly but people it WORKS and Ms. G is hot proof of it!). She also had the most amazing array of outfits, I was in Heaven helping her pick! Love love love it! Think this girl may have missed her calling as a super-model, right?!? Loved capturing these for you Ms. G! -m