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Just a little taste... we capture Gia Genevieve @JenetteBras

This week was super. We did some amazing sessions and one of them was in conjunction with a fun partnership we are doing with Jenette Bras. If you haven't already checked out the store (they have one on Melrose and one in Pasadena) and if your bust is D or above... well you've GOT to check this place out - it is amazing. Anyway more about that later (when we sort through the tons of beautiful photos and post another batch of images) - but in the meantime here is a little sneak peek of the shoot we did there with pin-up extraordinaire Gia Genevieve! Love it.

Go visit Jenette for this outfit:

Ivory bra: 'Madison' by PrimaDonna 30-44D-I  Pure silk High-waist brief: Else Lingerie

Très Ravissant Ms. E {Los Angeles Pin Up Photography}

Ms. E was SO very charming. Très charming, if you will. We just adored capturing her and had a total blast getting her to pose-out to her inner-vixen! It is always so awesome when people come in and they come across just a little demure and sweet as pie... then - bam - super-sexy Goddess comes out for capturing! Love, love, love it!!! She was phenomenal and we laughed the whole time - even though it may look like a whole lot of seductive-ness... we spend a lot of time being silly and that makes it incredibly comfortable and a darn good time. Thank you Ms. E for letting us use your images, you are fantastic! Ravissant (alright, I've been watching a LOT of French cinema and it's seeping into everything!).

Whoa Ms. M! {LA Boudoir Photographer}

I'm pretty sure that every time there is a lapse in blogging, I come back with a vengeance and promise never to do it again... and then tell you that it was worth the wait and that we've been bizzzzy being boudoir-tastic. And, just like always - it was worth the wait and we have been bizzzzy making gorgeous images with amazing clients to blog about (eventually)!

Ms. M is just plain rad. We did her session at her pad and it was lovely - the beautiful light (and light fixtures) really set the stage for my creativity - its kind of like the place was built for boudoir, no? Not to mention that Ms. M is GORGEOUSSSSSSS and so fun to work with! As a budding fitness model, she wanted to get some images for her portfolio as well as boudoir images, so we did that first (yes, we can do more than just boudoir!) - I followed her around while she flexed her (incredible) muscles and looked beautiful. After that we then we got down to sexy bizness and did her boudoir shoot. I would be lying if I said I didn't ratchet up my workout routine a bit after meeting her (okay, so I went from no set routine to somewhat of a routine, haha) - she is an inspiration of fitness! After sorting through her fantastic wardrobe (wardrobe! I love wardrobe - its like I get to be a stylist AND a photographer!) we settled on her favorite pieces and she got all glammed up by the always amazing make-up artist Dorit and we were ready to go! Picture's worth a thousand words - check it out. Needless to say, as all my clients do, she ROCKED it. Much love Ms. M! xo - m P.S. More blogging to come soon!

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Riviera Magazine {Los Angeles Editorial Photography}

I've been photographing the lovely ladies, Sonja Rasula and Shawna Dawson of LA Street Food Fest, Unique LA, and Artisanal LA for a little while now, capturing them for different purposes. If you haven't checked out their respective endeavors, you should!!! Really cool stuff. Plus for all you Orange County peeps, Unique LA is coming to the OC with Unique OC! I love that they are sisters doing it for themselves (well, not really sisters, but you know) and they are promo and marketing geniuses, obviously. Anyway, gorgeous Riviera magazine did a piece on Sonja and used a Boudoir Rouge Image. Check it out below and you can find the whole issue here. Loves! - m

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