Whoa Ms. M! {LA Boudoir Photographer}

I'm pretty sure that every time there is a lapse in blogging, I come back with a vengeance and promise never to do it again... and then tell you that it was worth the wait and that we've been bizzzzy being boudoir-tastic. And, just like always - it was worth the wait and we have been bizzzzy making gorgeous images with amazing clients to blog about (eventually)!

Ms. M is just plain rad. We did her session at her pad and it was lovely - the beautiful light (and light fixtures) really set the stage for my creativity - its kind of like the place was built for boudoir, no? Not to mention that Ms. M is GORGEOUSSSSSSS and so fun to work with! As a budding fitness model, she wanted to get some images for her portfolio as well as boudoir images, so we did that first (yes, we can do more than just boudoir!) - I followed her around while she flexed her (incredible) muscles and looked beautiful. After that we then we got down to sexy bizness and did her boudoir shoot. I would be lying if I said I didn't ratchet up my workout routine a bit after meeting her (okay, so I went from no set routine to somewhat of a routine, haha) - she is an inspiration of fitness! After sorting through her fantastic wardrobe (wardrobe! I love wardrobe - its like I get to be a stylist AND a photographer!) we settled on her favorite pieces and she got all glammed up by the always amazing make-up artist Dorit and we were ready to go! Picture's worth a thousand words - check it out. Needless to say, as all my clients do, she ROCKED it. Much love Ms. M! xo - m P.S. More blogging to come soon!

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