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Ms. Anonymous Bride-To-Be {Bridal Boudoir Photography Los Angeles}

Modern Glam Ms. S {Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Studio}

Miss Esther {Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Studio}

Sultry Ms. S {Hollywood Boudoir Photography}

We've been lagging on blogging - and I'm so sorry! We go through waves where we blog a ton and then being busy takes over for a while - but we love, love, love blogging the beautiful ladies that we've been photographing - and gorgeous Ms. S just gave us permission to show her images so we were beyond excited to share. She was a firecracker. Totally, drop-dead gorgeous - and SO tall she towered over my 5'4" and I had to use my ladder - a LOT. Legs for days! haha. Don't you just love the way the light plays over her beautiful skin? She was rad - she had so many poses up her sleeve I barely had to do any work AND she brought a stellar soundtrack with her. Loved capturing you Ms. S!