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Miss Esther {Los Angeles Boudoir Photography Studio}

January Boudoir Marathon! {Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer Valentines Day}

Just in time for Valentines Day!

Call us today to book your slot in our oh-so-popular boudoir marathon... 310.929.7732

* This event does not include hair and makeup *

Divine Mrs. D

Oh my. Ms. D was... wow!!! She was magic to work with when she visited us to do a shoot at our last boudoir marathon - such a total sweetheart, super funny and STUNNING - it was like we were old friends and she is such a natural model it was crazy. Obviously we were super-inspired by her rad poses and sun-kissed charisma so we were so happy when she said we could share her images on the site! Thanks Ms. D for an awesome shoot - so glad your hubby is enjoying them 

Stunning New Product - Just in Time for Valentine's Day! {Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Los Angeles}

We're love, love, LOVING these little fold-out books because they are tiny, magnetic and totally gorgeous - the ULTIMATE sexy little gift to slip to your special someone this Valentine's day (or any day!). xo