Los Angeles Wedding Present

Très Ravissant Ms. E {Los Angeles Pin Up Photography}

Ms. E was SO very charming. Très charming, if you will. We just adored capturing her and had a total blast getting her to pose-out to her inner-vixen! It is always so awesome when people come in and they come across just a little demure and sweet as pie... then - bam - super-sexy Goddess comes out for capturing! Love, love, love it!!! She was phenomenal and we laughed the whole time - even though it may look like a whole lot of seductive-ness... we spend a lot of time being silly and that makes it incredibly comfortable and a darn good time. Thank you Ms. E for letting us use your images, you are fantastic! Ravissant (alright, I've been watching a LOT of French cinema and it's seeping into everything!).