Beautiful & Inspiring Ms. H {Boudoir Photographer Los Angeles}

We have a bit of a history with Ms. H. She contacted us last year and began the process of planning her own unique boudoir session and at that time we started to get to know her and learned about her stunning and inspirational personal story. We totally adored her after reading her website where we learned she was an amazing and triumphant breast cancer survivor and a rockstar triathlete! WHOA! Talk about a goddess. Her story made us cry and made us want to meet her, to capture her magic in photos and to get to know this phenomenal and awe-inspiring chick and talk to her more about what she has overcome and accomplished. Her session was nothing short of wowing - the girl is SOMETHING ELSE - and beyond gorgeous. Lets just say she knows how to work it. Amazing shoes and edgy sense of style too made it so much fun to photograph her - not to mention the silly laughs we had, I felt like I'd known her for ages. Her session culminated with a plethora of amazing shots and the most beautiful album which she gifted to her beloved husband (yay!) :) If YOU want to learn more about Ms. H's story or more about Also A Survivor (go buy a t-shirt!!!) - visit her website or facebook page: Lots of love to you Ms. H! xoxo

Are you also a breast cancer or cancer survivor and want us to capture you and your inner and outer beauty? We are in awe of you. Call or email us, we'd love to chat.